My Wish(es) for the New Year

white dandelion flower shallow focus photography

More compassion, less judgment

More accountability, less blame

More hugs, less shame

More real, less fake

More give, less take

More love, less hate.

Let’s change it up. Let’s be okay with mistakes – our own and others’ – past and present, so we can own them, learn, and grow. Let’s shift our energy from anger to understanding. Let’s give each other a break.

Here’s to a better 2022.

Afghanistan – Something I had to get off my Chest

“Cheating” on my WordPress blog a little bit, but this is way out of the normal realm of my subject matter, so a different venue seemed most appropriate.

I had to write this tonight so I would stop yelling at the TV. I hope my voice joins a rising chorus of people for whom integrity still matters.

Let’s Bee Serious!!

Say hello to my little friends

Who quietly keep this earth alive and, quite literally, humming.

A few shots of some members of the order Hymenoptera from around the property this morning. Most are getting pollen-drunk on our male English holly (yes— English holly have male and female plants and they need to be in proximity to make those beautiful red berries for Christmas decorations!)

The first shot is one of the mountain laurel we planted along the edge of the back woods last year.

Nature is my drug of choice!!