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It’s (a)Live!!!

Just a quick update to share that:

a) we officially went into the printer’s production queue for Zen (and Rage) and the Art of a Never-Ending Home Renovation this morning!

b) which means that (thanks to holiday schedules and Covid protocols) it will be about 10 business days until preorders ship;

c) the website (and Facebook page) for the book are both LIVE;

d) it should appear within the next few days on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as a paperback;

e) the ebook should be available by sometime next week. (My guess is by Thursday, 12/30, but don’t hold me to that!)

Meanwhile . . .

A bit of holiday cheer from the Fieweger-Formica home to yours!! Happiest of holidays everyone!!


  1. Your gorgeous home! Inspiring to see it.

  2. Lovely home, Marcia. You have a good eye for decorating! Merry Christmas!

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