Flowers in the Window

Endings, Beginnings

One surprising revelation in the wake of my father's passing
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A Turn of the Page

My dad finally passed away early this morning, which, of course, causes that same “grielief” we felt when Mom’s time was up a mere six months ago. His decline was
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A frank update on dad, and a philosophical look at a life in filial limbo
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An Ode to Mom

(a.k.a, her obituary) Because she should be remembered for the full picture of who she was, not just the dementia that ruled her for the past few years. Obituary |
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Life, and Death, with Dementia

Sharing details about dementia's progression in a loved one can be tricky. But it feels important for me to share, especially right now.
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black gorilla near a wood log

Let’s Talk about that 400lb Gorilla

Everybody has one And most of us have the same Gorilla that lurks around the periphery of our lives: one we all have to face but no one wants to
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