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Welcome to Fire Over Fifty!

Just like me, this site is a work in progress. If you're a new visitor, here's a little guidance: You might want to begin with the first 2 posts, which you can access first here and then here - they provide a bit of the back-story and my objectives for this blog. If you're on a mobile device or … Continue reading Welcome to Fire Over Fifty!

If You Read this Morning’s Post, P.S…

I went out this morning for a dentist's appointment, and to finally get my first in a two-part series of shingles vaccinations. While I was away, mildly worried that I'd return to find Tim in a body cast, he was doing this: So, now that I have an installed doorknob, I can say that the … Continue reading If You Read this Morning’s Post, P.S…

Porch Ceiling +

Painting can take a long time when it's done by someone who really cares about what they're doing. My contractor/husband joked as he was prepping the porch at the end of last week, filling nail holes, sanding, and caulking that, "the effing carpenter always leaves a mess for the painter to fix." If you're just … Continue reading Porch Ceiling +