The Magical Microbiome

If you haven’t noticed yet, I read a lot about food and nutrition. 20 years ago it was cookbooks and cooking magazines, but about 10 years ago it shifted to books focused on the nutritional aspects of food and various diets. I wasn’t drawn to any of them on a quest to lose weight; it … Continue reading The Magical Microbiome

An Ode to Vacation Eating

Apologies that this week’s Food Friday isn’t going up until Saturday, but Owen asked for us to drive straight through Thursday on the way home from picking him up from his freshman year at school, and what should have been about a 13 – 14 hour trip turned into a 17-hour odyssey (I drove all … Continue reading An Ode to Vacation Eating

Confessions of a Conscientious Carnivore

I admit it. I'm a fat-lover. I am a meat lover. To be even more specific, I am a fat-loving meat lover. Fat has always made me happy. And so far, it seems to also be keeping me healthy, which isn’t something I’m sure would work for everyone. (I have a theory about diets in … Continue reading Confessions of a Conscientious Carnivore