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pink sphere splashed by green liquid

Normally poetry isn’t my thing. You may maintain after reading this that there is good reason for that. (Though I hope not!) Nonetheless, while I was meditating this morning, this came to me, and when I was done, it more or less formed itself without much intervention on my part.

Earth body
human body
A fever
we've created
Growth is good
(Or is it?)
Like a cancer or a plague of locusts
Something out of balance
Almost everything out of balance
Mental illness, unease, disease
Nagging sense that we aren't achieving
But what?
She's telling us what.
Slow down
Really listen.
Can a cancer listen?
Or parasites?


  1. Sometimes it is difficult to get the essence of a poem but invariably they leave a feeling in you. I like this one, Marcia.

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