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Movin’ on Back

What a week!

Mortar complete on the front walk:

And for part of the walk to the side patio:

The gravel is down between the stone in the main part of the patio:

And the bulk of the rest of the materials that have been taking up a lot of space on two sides of the garage have now been moved to the back, where they’ll be completing their respective missions in the coming few weeks:

The stone tops for the patio sitting wall and side-doorstep are still to-go along with the rest of the mortaring on the side. The contractor is ordering the bluestone that will make the steps leading down both slopes from the sides to the back. The left side retaining wall in the back is 80% complete. Now I’m just hoping it’s not too cold over the next week or two for the mortar to keep setting!


  1. Beautiful.

  2. Looking good!

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