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Giving Thanks

That we’ve come so far!!

It’s been eight weeks since the landscape/hardscape work began. I’ve lost count of the actual number of working days the guys have been here, but I’d say it’s been an average of 3 working days per week. The progress in those twenty-four(ish) days, to me, has been astonishing.

Even the pros can have an off day. . .

Meanwhile, back on the inside, Tim’s been picking his way through a lot of little finish work. Besides completing the laundry room, he’s been painting all the doors upstairs, which, since they were hung a little less than three years ago, have sported only their original primer, not to mention the accumulated scuffs and dings of three years of use.

The best part of that was when he re-hung the laundry room door one day last week, then put the doorknob back in, somehow managing, with a knob that had no lock, to lock himself out of the room. It’s a little like watching Tiger Woods duff a bunker shot. Even the pros screw up sometimes.

He had to take the door trim off to correct that one. Triple-bogey.

A picture, as ever, is worth 1000 words

Therefore, I’ll let the rest of this post happen visually, except to say, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!! Thank you all so much for following, and for sharing my excitement through this project so far! If there’s more to share this winter, of course I will. Otherwise, stay tuned for the updates as we design and install the plantings for all these gardens in the spring, which we will be doing with only native species, something I’m extra-excited about!


  1. Truly spectacular, but in a highly refined and genteel fashion. I’m wondering if you have considered submitting this evolution to a large circulation magazine. It certainly deserves it.

    • Thank you Marco, as always!! That idea has been playing in my mind, and may well become a part of the promotional work I do as I get closer to publishing the book I’m working on about the entire project!!

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