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Work(s) in Progress

Some of the action since Friday morning

Mama cupola is up, though we had one little issue. . . The last piece of glass, which goes in the “door” on the left-hand side, became a victim of Friday afternoon’s gusty wind. This shot, if you look really closely, shows Tim inside, installing one of the panes before the wind had the final say:

But, it still looks really pretty, and we’ll get a new piece of glass (plexiglass for this panel, perhaps?) soon:

Now I have to go shopping for a light fixture to put in there, because the neighborhood has voted, informally but unanimously, that it needs to be lit up. Who am I to argue?

While all that was happening, I decided to get a different perspective on the pre-landscaping state-of-affairs, by climbing out the front window and onto the front porch roof:

By yesterday morning (Saturday), the contractor had the machines here and ready to go:

And by early afternoon yesterday, the digging began!!

The guys made great progress in about 5 -6 hours yesterday:

Then there’s the backyard!!

Today they’ll be doing more digging and prep for the patio and walkway areas and the stone walls, plus installing electrical conduit piping so we can finally stop running the garage by plugging it in to a heavy duty extension cord. . .

Happy Sunday everyone!

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