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Moving Right Along

We’ve headed to the great outdoors. Never mind that there are still 1,000 little things inside that require finishing touches (filled nail holes in trim that need one. more. round. of sanding; final coats of paint on trim, walls, and every door; etc.) It’s warm; it’s not pouring down buckets of rain. Ergo: we work outside.

This week’s (and probably next week’s, and perhaps even the week after that’s) project: a ceiling for the front porch, plus the finishing of the soffits on all the overhangs.

Here are some photos:

Tuesday Morning: First Course of Beadboard on Porch Ceiling
Measure Twice, Cut Once?
Hard at Work
Porch Ceiling Progress – Day One

There will be 2 ceiling fans out here as well – they’ll hang where you see the two open boxes between the recessed lights. There’s also insulation above the ceiling now, to lessen the effect of the sun beating down on the roof above. Thinking those two factors should make the porch much cooler during hot summer days.

Back Deck Cantilever Overhang – Unfinished
Front Overhang Soffit – Unfinished

That’s all for now – until next week (or sooner, if something really exciting happens) – happy Hump Day!

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