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Just Minor Details

Aside from the parts we still can’t tackle due to our nesting purple finches and phoebes, all the major parts of the exterior trim are up. All the major parts.

The list, however, of the minor parts, just seems to stretch on – endlessly – expanding slightly with everything that does get done. And now, all the little things that have remained unfinished for years, which had more or less disappeared from my perception, have reappeared with a vengeance.

Take, for example, the finish under the curved shingle detail on the side of the house. Just 2 days ago, Tim completed this on the garage:

Finished trim-crown under garage curve_Annotated

Therefore, the same (unfinished) detail on the side of the house loudly announces itself to me Every. Single. Time. I walk past it.

Not-finished trim-crown under house curve_Annotated

Same with the return trim board on the kitchen roof bump-out.

It’s been like this for at least 5 years now (the blue plastic shopping bag got stuffed into that gap about 3 years ago because carpenter bees discovered it and decided it made for excellent homesteading. We weren’t really into that idea).

Not-finished back deck roof return trim board_Annotated

I’d become blind to it until this little return on the living room overhang got done the other day:

Finished living room overhang trim return board_Annotated

I’m Really Not that Much of a Jerk

Lest you think I’m just a whip-cracking meanie, though, I swear, I’m not that bad. I’m really stoked about what did get accomplished!


Yesterday we even went to 3 stone supply yards to check out some options for walkway and patio areas. It was a productive thing to do in the rain. Pretty sure we’re going for mostly large, irregular bluestone flagging, with some areas more closely spaced (walkways and sitting areas and areas where tables will go), and some much more widely spaced (in between the seating & table areas).

Still Stretching, Though

We also picked up the 2 outdoor ceiling fans for the front porch, but those won’t go up until after the nailholes are all filled, everything is caulked, and sanded, and primed, and painted. On everything. Tim says he’s starting that process today, although from my perch on the back deck right now I swear I hear the nail gun out front. No priming (in the few spots where that will be needed) or painting anywhere until it’s all done.

When I’m Sixty Four

I don’t even have a guess as to how long all the nail-hole-filling and caulking will take, but I’m reeeeeeeeallllly hoping we can paint next week. Before Timmy’s 64th birthday. And yes, honey: I will still need you, and I will still feed you. Even after you’re done with the house. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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