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ICYMI: “Love a Tree Day” is Today

In case you missed it, in honor of Love a Tree Day, I’m sharing a link to the article I wrote for Herself360 on the subject, and which is a pretty significant milestone for me – my first published piece in the “real world!!” (If you already saw it/read it when I posted about it a couple of weeks ago, thank you – apologies for the repeat.) If you love nature, or had an awkward-pre-adolescent phase when you sometimes wished you could just disappear, or spent a lot of time playing outside as a kid, or just feel like taking a 5-minute break to read something that isn’t political or work-related, I’m happy to share this. I hope you love it as much as I loved writing it.

Here’s this year’s version of the dogwood I talk about at the end. It wasn’t in bloom in time for publication, so I had to revert to a photo from a couple of years ago. This was taken this past Monday. 🙂


  1. your writing is beautiful. i especially love the last paragraph……..i can totally relate to your feelings on fall.

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