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My Wish(es) for the New Year

More compassion, less judgment More accountability, less blame More hugs, less shame More real, less fake More give, less take More love, less hate. Let’s change it up. Let’s be
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It’s (a)Live!!!

A quick update on book availability, and a couple of photos of our decked halls!
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Almost on Bookshelves!

Making good on the promises (threats?) I’ve been making for three years, my book, Zen (and Rage) and the Art of a Never-Ending Home Renovation will be published soon!
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Smaller - My Mom's transitions through her own (and my Dad's) dementia
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My Dad Doesn’t Recognize me Anymore

My Dad is dying. And he doesn't know who I am anymore. How can I be okay with that?
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Are We There Yet?

What it's like as I'm getting closer to a publication date!
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