Build Yourself a Merry Microbiome

One of the earlier elements that drew me to "the magical microbiome" was that both of my sons have food allergies, which I never had to endure, but which puts them squarely in the mainstream for the past 15 years or so (one has an all-too-common peanut and tree-nut allergy; both are allergic to mollusks). … Continue reading Build Yourself a Merry Microbiome

Bathroom Homestretch

A Different Perspective Normally I’m writing this blog perched at my desk with my view of that one stubborn backyard oak and the occasional visit from one of our friendly neighborhood birds of prey.* (The oak, by the way, has now given up the last of its dead, brown leaves and, in their wake, is … Continue reading Bathroom Homestretch

Mom & Dad, Inc. (Guest Blog by Nancy May)

I’ve always joked with friends about how my parents have been preparing me for their death since I was five.  In fact, as a little girl, my mom and aunt would playact that Mom had fallen ill and couldn’t get up.  While Mom lay on the living room floor, my aunt would yell “Help, Help!  … Continue reading Mom & Dad, Inc. (Guest Blog by Nancy May)